What is the VST System?

As the inventor of composite formwork technology and with many years of experience in the field, the VST Group does not only develop patented technology, but also offers the complete range of construction services tailored to the passive house standard.

Construction of a retirement home in Trier-Petrisberg, Deutschland

In principle, the techniques used for creating contemporary structural work are still very traditional. There have been many technological developments in terms of building materials and construction machines – but the methods involved have remained much the same for generations.

The VST Group has recognized these limitations and has overcome them with a self-developed, highly productive, but nevertheless user-friendly composite formwork system. We have been doing so for many years on an international level.

Using this system, we have succeeded in creating custom-made products for building contractors. This made-to measure approach – using the patented VST composite formwork system – is based on the principle of stay-in-place formwork, which is prefabricated and is as such a true form of off-site construction.

The composite formworks create the ceiling and wall elements, which are assembled as required and permanently fixed in place with cement.

This method produces a high-quality cast-in-place concrete structure which is proven to be airtight.

Stable, durable and retains value

Our building processes have been proven to conform to passive house standards in a research study, and all building components have been certified by Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (Prof. Wolfgang Feist) as adhering to PHI Passive House Standards. Our extensive and verified technical database helps to ensure maximum efficiency.

Using the VST system, object types are projected into all orders of magnitude.

Fast, precise and brings convincing results


The VST system combines the advantages of reinforced concrete construction:

  • It absorbs strong compressive and tractive forces.
  • It is well quake protected
  • It provides good acoustic insulation
  • It boasts thermal energy storage
  • The VST System is economically viable in all areas of building construction. It is suitable for all load-bearing and reinforced elements of structural work.

with the advantages of a timber structure:


  • a pleasant indoor climate is achieved through good humidity control
  • cement bound particle boards maintain a near constant surface temperature